Monday, January 19, 2015

Digital Photo Organization

This has been a sensitive issue for me, well... for years! Back in 2007 my nephew Joseph was born. Two days later he passed away from complications of Group B Strep. Ever since when I would come across a photo of him on my computers I saved it in a massive nest of folders, reguardless as to whether I thought I already had the photo, I still saved it again. Years later the massive group of folders has grown to over 8GB's.

There is something about photos of loved ones who have passed away that makes it difficult to eliminate duplicate photos because it's not like you can take another photo in case it gets lost. That being said a week before Christmas my laptop was stolen and THOUSANDS of photos were lost on it because they hadn't been backed up yet. Thankfully Joseph's photos were among a small group that had been saved on my external hard drive.

So in the spirit of my challenge to get reorganized I am finally tackling this task tonight! So stand and when I am finished I will post a photo of the completed project!

What themes of digital photos do you wish you had organized? Perhaps you have printed photos too you would like to have neatly organized.

Status Update 4:10PM EST: I just found what I thought was lost for forever on the laptop that was stolen, the only video of Joseph while he was alive. I was so sure I had all the photos but didn't think I got it backed up on the external hard drive. That so made my night!

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